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We offer and service a variety of coffee brewers makes and models; ranging from pour-over glass pot brewers to large volume urns and many in between.



You should consider purchasing your own brewing equipment which allows you negotiate a better price from your coffee provider; as they build equipment into the price of their coffee. Buying your own equipment can save lots of money and gives you the freedom to choose you coffee provider whenever you want.

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We are "Coffee Roaster Neutral"

Full-Size 2,3 & 4 group machines are a necessity for medium to high volume coffee bars, as they have increased steam capacity and can allow for 2 operators; whereas compact 1 & 2 group machines are for lower volumes and tight spaces.

Tall cup versions are available from some manufacturers in order to accommodate to-go cups ranging is size from 12 to 20oz to be brewed into directly reducing steps and keeping the entire espresso shot in the cup.

Premium vs. Value

Thermo Electric steam wands are offered as a standard feature and on some it is an option. This feature allows the operator temperature control for steaming milk; some have the capability of frothing milk as well. 

1-Step Machines

These machines allow the operator to prepare cappuccinos, lattes and other frothed/steamed milk based drinks.

La Cimbali "MilkPS" 1-step machines use an exclusive gear pump that pushes the milk through the frother, whereas many other manufacturers still rely on the Venturi principal to syphon milk to the frother using velocity of steam from the boiler. A technology that does the job, but can be inconsistent from time-to time.

2-Step Machines

These machines automatically grind the coffee and brew a consistent shot of espresso. Milk frothing/steaming is done by the operator using a steam wand. Many machines offer thermally controlled shut offs to maintain consistent temperatures; additionally some offer automatic frothing for that perfect cappuccino. 

La Cimbali TE4 Turbo Steam" 2-step machines offer a patented steam wand system that simultaneously delivers steam and air, allowing for hands-free heating or frothing of milk without manual intervention, with 4 selections that are customizable.

Super-Automatic espresso machines are available in either a 1-Step or 2-Step versions.

Some makes are pricey in all models, but there are some offering models that have less features and options, reducing price; but not compromising performance. Then there price-driven machines that perform well at a great price! 

These brewers offer 2 major benefits which can impact you bottom line..


Benefit #1

Counter space in a coffee bar, café or restaurant is vital to the profitability of a business. These brewers reduce the need for a 2nd machine to brew either iced tea or coffee, reduce the amount of plumbing and electrical work required to install them and lower maintenance and repair costs.

Benefit #2

These machines increase profitability and beverage variety by allowing you to brew Iced Tea/Iced Coffee/Hot Brewed Coffee. Meet the summer market demands with fresh brewed Iced Coffee or offering a variety of brewed teas that are much more profitable & eco-friendly than bottles.

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  the different types

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